Основанные на более 40 млн реальных уникальных цен на рынке B2B и B2C, обновляемых ежедневно, наши индексы и базы данных помогут позиционированию

Об исследовании

Price dynamics, volume movements, changes in the number of product offers, presented in the form of raw data and visualized with the help of charts. The period of data updating is from one week to one month. The operational data displayed on charts allow to determine price trends, to detect the formation of a deficit or signs of market saturation, and to make timely decisions on changing prices or assortment.

In order to create reports, data on a wide list of articles (more than 35 million articles in the database) is used, analogues are selected, goods are grouped into categories, groups are created on the basis of any attributes, baskets of goods are formed.

The reports are based on confirmed trade offers received from our partners – trade organizations represented in different regions of the country, updated daily.

О компании

ИНДЕКС - команда профессионалов с опытом работы на рынке automotive более 20 лет в крупнейших международных и локальных компаниях, основанная в 2023 году в результате локализации бизнеса ведущего игрока на рынке аналитики послепродажного обслуживания. С продуктами, дополненными массивами данных реальных сделок, новыми решениями, сохраненной и усиленной командой, мы предоставляем уникальный сервис по анализу автомобильного рынка на основании опросов и big data.

Our benefits


Our team has more than 20 years of industry experience. Throughout this time, we have been providing high quality analytics to the largest players in the market: car manufacturers, producers, distributors, and retailers of spare parts, oils, tires, and other automotive products. Our clients include participants of the international analytics market, the largest Internet trading platforms, insurance and financial institutions. Using our services, clients benefit from the professionalism and expertise of our specialists


Our services are used by the largest market players competing for market leadership. Our 100% independence and complete objectivity allows us to provide data and research to market leaders for many years.

Data Quality

The methodologies we use are field-tested and endorsed by market leaders. Our data sources are always up-to-date and available for independent verification.

Data Scope

We use validated product offering data at the B2B and B2C level, 35+ million SKUs in the database, 12+ months back, 13 price levels from EXW to retail shelf. Our network consists of data suppliers and partners in 17 countries.

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